Welcome to my place for celebrating what I love the most. For me, photography and capturing beautiful photos of birds and wildlife gives me a zen-like feeling, forgetting everything and every stress for hours at a time. Being a Graphic Designer in the Quinte area, photography started out as a hobby and has evolved into so much more. When retreating from the rest of the world, my only thought is “to see what I see” and the rest falls into place.

I hope my photography will allow the rest of the world see what I see and have you have eye-opening moments with rarely noticed bird species and other wild life from the world around you. If you love a shot, contact me if you'd like to purchase a print or have one framed. I would love to share my obsession with you.

My website is in renovations at the moment. I do have most of my photos I would like to share listed below in various categories. Please close window to return to this page and see more of my favorite photos. See my newest and most recent shots by following me on instagram @tsawicki_arttina

Watch for my upcoming blog posts, individual photo titles and descriptions and more!

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